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<30 minutes      30-60 minutes      60-90 minutes      90-120 minutes      >120 minutes

<30 minutes

Rabbit Meets Crocodile(5 min)

Starry Sky(5 min)

West lake fish(5 min)

Fear and Loathing in Inner Mongolia(6 min)

New Art(7 min)

Between the lies(7 min)

Desire Line(7 min)

Motionless Pond(7 min)

Yang Yishu Interview(7 min)

The lighthouse(8 min)

Theflower-drumSong(8 min)

Pundusina(9 min)

South of South(10 min)

The Abyss(11 min)

My Milk Cup Cow(11 min)

The story of mushroom picking(11 min)

Up down(12 min)

Memories of Chengdu(12 min)

Mao will live forever in the hearts of peasants(12 min)

The Corn is Flowering(13 min)

Pearl(13 min)

Me and my magnet and my dead friend(14 min)

Born Wasted(14 min)

A Flower’s Eyes(14 min)


Weekends(15 min)


Millionaire In Checkfun(15 min)

Like Fireworks (Special Screening)(15 min)

A Quiet Dream(15 min)

The Nuo parade(16 min)

Bridge(16 min)

Sketches of a Northern City(17 min)

Fata Morgana(17 min)

Who is my lord(18 min)

Carriage(18 min)

Chronicle of a durian(18 min)

Trashy Treasure(19 min)

Testament(19 min)

On The Way to The Sea(20 min)

Midu(21 min)

Her Summer(22 min)

Smoke(22 min)

GU Tao: Back in the north, I found my breath(23 min)

Wugong sutra(24 min)

Lost On The Branch (24 min)

Four fragments(25 min)

A Tree in Tanjung Malim(25 min)

I can not be as happy as I used to be(25 min)

The Gone Buddha(26 min)

Swallowtail Butterfly(27 min)

Parent Cheering Team(28 min)

CHEN LU(29 min)

30-60 minutes

Card Boom(30 min)

The Sea Within(30 min)

Company of Mushrooms(32 min)

Runaway Mime (33 min)

Fish Memory and Sheep Memory(33 min)

We Outlaws(33 min)

My Poem(33 min)

Turn Around(35 min)

ZHANG Zan Bo: The world opened by a broken camera(35 min)

Homecoming(37 min)

Wang Yu's "Marriage" talks about script creation(40 min)

Almost In Life(42 min)

Criticizing Ai Weiwei and Wu Haohao(44 min)

River Straying(45 min)

Post-screening talk: Village reporter(45 min)

The District Councillor(47 min)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Football(47 min)

Brave Father(48 min)

Yuguo and His Mother(48 min)


Wellspring(49 min)

The Yukou Paper(49 min)

Post-screening talk: A Journey of The Drifters(49 min)

Nameless Soldiers(50 min)

Post-screening talk : Marriage(51 min)

Mysterious Object At Noon(52 min)

Post-screening talk: San Li Dong(53 min)

My Life against Taiwan Sotokufu --1891-1931(54 min)

My Wedding Album(54 min)

Post-screening talk:Under the Split Light(56 min)

Bright Sun Mansion(58 min)

Old Genealogy(58 min)

No Destination(59 min)

SeedlingsProtectionRite(59 min)

60-90 minutes

Noise(60 min)

Post-screening talk: Belong To The Mountain(60 min)

Jin Han Yu(61 min)

Down the Disruptor(61 min)

Bazaar Jumpers(62 min)

Lost Mountain(62 min)

Miners(62 min)

Forbid Silence(62 min)

Chronicles of Hulling Rice(64 min)

Who is Haoran(65 min)

Mr.Tang(66 min)

Where Should I Go?(68 min)

The Other Side(68 min)

Mothers(69 min)

Fu-jia’s Home Movie(70 min)

Waiting For Love(70 min)

My Way(72 min)

China Gate(72 min)

A Clear Sky(72 min)

Little feet(72 min)

Man's World(72 min)

Way of Fortune(73 min)

All's Right with the World(73 min)

Fish Story(73 min)

Koudelka(74 min)

Arribeños (74 min)

Ninth Uncle(75 min)

People's Artist, Jia Jinshu(75 min)

Daxing fire(75 min)

The Silent Voyage(75 min)

The Suspended Step(75 min)

Post-screening talk: The Last Moose of Ao Lu Gu Ya(75 min)

Go Grandriders(76 min)

Dialogue between Blue & Green(76 min)

The ShoeShiner's Journey(76 min)

Kun1 Action(76 min)

Planting for Life(77 min)

Learn to Reform(77 min)

Lone Existence(77 min)

Nobody(77 min)

Water Margin(77 min)

Transition-Space(78 min)

Outside(78 min)

A filmless festival(79 min)

Nostalgia(80 min)

Hip-Hop Storm(80 min)

Fangshan Church(80 min)

Ma Pi(80 min)

Interval(80 min)


Young Jigme(83 min)

Miners, Groom, Pneumoconiosis(83 min)

If It's Not Now Then When?(83 min)

Ancient Species(84 min)

Village Opera History(84 min)

Orphan(84 min)

Shattered(85 min)

Dragon Boat(85 min)

Water line(85 min)

The Blinding Sunlight(85 min)

LOVE Talk(86 min)

Bridges Burned(86 min)

Flying Geese(87 min)

Stranger's Street(87 min)

Year Without a Summer(87 min)

Ma Xiaobing’s Summer(87 min)

Factory Boy(88 min)

Post-screening talk: The hog’s dice legend of saint egg(88 min)

Wild grass(89 min)

Things We Do When We Fall in Love(89 min)

90-120 minutes

The Temple(90 min)

Love Conquers All (90 min)

Returning Home(90 min)

Rumination(90 min)

Wolf(90 min)

Baby(91 min)

My way of farewell(91 min)

Second Proletarian Cultural Revolution(91 min)

Music and Life(92 min)

Divine Doctor(92 min)

Eight Diagrams(92 min)

Flood(93 min)

Umbrella(93 min)

One Summer(93 min)

Game Theory(94 min)

Uncle Guo's WorkDreams(94 min)

The Road(94 min)

One Hundred and Fifty Years of Life(94 min)

Lost in the mountain(94 min)

Post-screening talk: Ao Lu Gu Ya(94 min)

This Worldly life(95 min)

On the Road(96 min)

RED WHITE(97 min)

Around That Winter(97 min)

The Spokesperson(98 min)

The Rocking Sky(98 min)

Flower in the Pocket(98 min)

Wheat Harvest(99 min)

TWENTY TWO(99 min)

The Story of the Stone(99 min)

To Sing With the Ancestors(100 min)

Along the Railway(100 min)

Riverbed(100 min)

Oh, the San Xia(100 min)

The Last Moose of Ao Lu Gu Ya(100 min)

Before We Fall in Love Again(100 min)

A Man In Trouble(100 min)


Scar(102 min)

The Cold Winter(103 min)

798 Station(105 min)

The Sound Of Silence(105 min)

Lush Reeds(105 min)

Call If You Need Me(105 min)

A Young Patriot(106 min)

Youth(106 min)

WANG Hong Wei: Chinese indie film(106 min)

Buried(108 min)

A Dog Barking at the Moon(108 min)

The Fall (Special Screening)(108 min)

Revive(109 min)

Torch Troupe(110 min)

Burned wings(110 min)

New Castle(112 min)

Single woman(112 min)

According to China(112 min)

The Old Donkey(112 min)

Pathway(113 min)

South Street(114 min)

Ram(115 min)

Dialogue(115 min)

1428(118 min)

>120 minutes

Issue 69 | The Unstable Archive: Imagining History, Nation, and Future(125 min)

Entropy(128 min)

Fortune Teller(129 min)

Gas(136 min)

Falling From the Sky(145 min)

Look Love(149 min)

Gu Tao Independent Film Day Forum(151 min)

Distant mountains,Roaring engines(154 min)

A Yangtze Landscape(156 min)

Sanlidong(172 min)

KARAMAY (B)(173 min)

Preachers(180 min)

KARAMAY (A)(183 min)

Classmates(203 min)

Silent Landscape(210 min)

Ferry Chronicle - He Family(270 min)

Shanghai Youth(510 min)

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