<30 minutes      30-60 minutes      60-90 minutes      90-120 minutes      >120 minutes

<30 minutes

Voices(1 min)

We sit in silence at the memorial table(1 min)

I Wish You Happy Moon Festival(2 min)

The Silent Period(2 min)

Jellyfish(3 min)

When The Silence Comes(3 min)

Petty Thing(3 min)

One Thought(3 min)

The Renaissance(3 min)

The Erosion of Blue(3 min)

West lake fish(4 min)

Je t’aime(4 min)

YOU(4 min)

Rabbit Meets Crocodile(4 min)

Rewind(4 min)

Starry Sky(5 min)

Hotpot(5 min)

Dear flower(5 min)

There‘s nothing to scared about(5 min)

Rodents’ Body Exploration(5 min)

Fear and Loathing in Inner Mongolia(5 min)

The Poem(6 min)

Summer Behind the Door(6 min)


So Long Memory(6 min)

The Trace of Hometown(6 min)

News Feed On My...(6 min)

Desire Line(6 min)

What If(6 min)

New Art(6 min)

Yang Yishu Interview(6 min)

Mahjong(7 min)

Mother(7 min)

Fragile Women(7 min)

On My Planet(7 min)

One Day in June(7 min)

The lighthouse(7 min)

Between the lies(7 min)

Pundusina(7 min)

Every Flower(8 min)

Lumen(8 min)

Theflower-drumSong(8 min)

The Voice of Silence(9 min)

Letter from Xiaobei(9 min)

Two Men(9 min)

Tropical Night(10 min)

Today, The Forgotten and The Updated(10 min)

Up down(10 min)

South of South(10 min)

South of South Korea(10 min)

The Abyss(10 min)

The story of mushroom picking(10 min)

Saturday's date(11 min)

One Day as Usual(11 min)

Sand Land(11 min)

Images of Monuments(11 min)

My Milk Cup Cow(11 min)

Long-focus videographer(11 min)

Born Wasted(11 min)

Distant Thunder(11 min)

Areca(12 min)

A Farewell(12 min)

A Monologue about Home(12 min)

The Need for Rites(12 min)

The Portrait of Love(12 min)

Singing on the construction site (12 min)

1995 (Special Screening)(12 min)

Memories of Chengdu(12 min)

Feathers, a Coin, and the Organ(12 min)

The Lucky One(13 min)

island(13 min)

No Big Deal(13 min)

To Say Goodbye(13 min)

Me and my magnet and my dead friend(13 min)

The Corn is Flowering(13 min)

Pearl(13 min)

Gaze in Silence(14 min)

Be my pet(14 min)

White Horses, Silver Mine(14 min)

Odessa Steps 2022(14 min)

A Quiet Dream(14 min)

Weekends(14 min)

A Thousand Plateaus: The Bright Volcanos(14 min)

North of North(14 min)

Floss(14 min)

December Swallow(14 min)

A Flower’s Eyes(14 min)


Trapped in the Spring(15 min)

Alice in the Wanderland(15 min)

Hair Tie, Egg, Homework Books(15 min)

I Don’t Feel At Home Anywhere Anymore(15 min)

On the passage of a few persons through a rather brief unity of time(15 min)

A Nocturnal Roam(15 min)

All The Things Belong To The River(15 min)


Then She Went On Stage(16 min)

An Afternoon(16 min)

The Cup(16 min)

Missing Form B(16 min)

Beer! Beer!(16 min)

Millionaire In Checkfun(16 min)

Sketches of a Northern City(16 min)

The Nuo parade(16 min)

Bridge(16 min)

Spring of Yangchun(17 min)

Couples(17 min)

Sunglasses(17 min)

Fata Morgana(17 min)

The Drum Tower(17 min)

From Birth To Birth(18 min)

When We Dead Awaken(18 min)

A Peaceful Divorce(18 min)

The Whisper in Darkness(18 min)

Handscape(18 min)

Zero:The Cyber Spirits(18 min)

Lily(18 min)

A Cohabitation(18 min)

Open Sky(18 min)

Yun(18 min)

After Her Disappearance(18 min)

Absurd(18 min)

Wrinkle of Shanghai(18 min)

Everyday Everyday(18 min)

Artificial Ocean(18 min)

Trashy Treasure(18 min)

Chronicle of a durian(18 min)

Carriage(18 min)

Aïeules(19 min)

What Can I Hold You With(19 min)

Testament(19 min)

Never Fear, And You Will Be Lucky(19 min)

Nobody’s Girlfriend(19 min)

Condolences(19 min)

Blossom in Midnight(19 min)

The Dog Ate a Boy(19 min)

On The Way to The Sea(19 min)

K872(20 min)

Yusef and His Friends(20 min)

The Transplants(20 min)

A Firecracker Story(20 min)

A Clockwork Bunny(20 min)

Romance in Factory(20 min)

Midu(20 min)

Her Story(21 min)

Summer Dream(21 min)

Boring life(21 min)

The Archaeology of Future: A Fragment(21 min)

Quarantine(21 min)

The Story of Bin(22 min)

Spring Fever(22 min)

Smoke(22 min)

Her Summer(22 min)

Anti-Bone Student(23 min)

Disappearance(23 min)

A Zoo with a Bronze Bull(23 min)

Lost On The Branch (23 min)

Winterstare(23 min)

A Pointless Film(24 min)

One Summer’s Day(24 min)

A Tree in Tanjung Malim(24 min)

Spirit fish(24 min)

Wugong sutra(24 min)

My Wheat(25 min)

You can stare like Aura of the sun(25 min)

Last will(25 min)

A Sunny Day(25 min)

I Have Nothing to Say(25 min)

Four fragments(25 min)

I can not be as happy as I used to be(25 min)

The Gone Buddha(25 min)

The Confession (Special Screening)(25 min)

Tashi's Sheep(26 min)

Nice to Meet You(26 min)

Swallowtail Butterfly(26 min)

On Her Way(27 min)

Truthless(27 min)

Boys(27 min)

Beat Him Up(27 min)

The Yellow Bank(27 min)

The River in the Hometown(27 min)

EEL(28 min)

Sarira(28 min)

Passiveness(28 min)

Songhua(28 min)

I Don't Want to Participate in This Contest(28 min)

The Last Lesbian(28 min)

The VaChina Monologues(28 min)

The Water Will Carry Us(29 min)

Unnamed(29 min)

Back to Cervantes(29 min)

Red Aninsri; Or, Tiptoeing on the Still Trembling Berlin Wall / Aninsri daeng(29 min)

Just in Time(29 min)

Before the Spring Gone(29 min)

Cutting my teeth(29 min)

CHEN LU(29 min)

30-60 minutes

The Day She Arrives(30 min)

Summer(30 min)

Card Boom(30 min)

The Sea Within(30 min)

The Storms In Our Blood(31 min)

XI Hai City(31 min)

Company of Mushrooms(32 min)

Rainbow Flag Flying High(33 min)

Normal(33 min)

My Poem(33 min)

We Outlaws(33 min)

When A Child is Dreaming(33 min)

Fish Memory and Sheep Memory(33 min)

Runaway Mime (33 min)

Dancing Budgie(34 min)

The crocodile without a tail(34 min)

Burning Soul(34 min)

Praise the Pink Heaven(34 min)

The Trail From Xinjiang(35 min)

Fear and Trembling(35 min)

Not Too Close, Not Too Detached(35 min)

Every Meeting Seems Parting (Special Screening)(35 min)

Golfville(35 min)

Shehuo in My Village 2010(36 min)

Turn Around(36 min)

A Personal Film about My Past 22 Years (Special Screening)(36 min)

Goodbye Grandma,Goodbye(37 min)

The Fly(37 min)

Stella(37 min)

Homecoming(38 min)

I Am Zhuang(39 min)

Goatee(39 min)

When Darkness Comes(39 min)

The Disappearing Camel Caravan(40 min)

Big Brother(40 min)

Xue‘s investigation(40 min)

Pig Stank(41 min)

Miss A(41 min)

Almost In Life(41 min)

Smoke gets in your eyes(42 min)

The fog has covered the moment again(44 min)

A Feng Shui Guideline for Image Maker (Heavenly Stems and Terrestrial Branches)(44 min)

River Straying(44 min)

200 Cigarettes from Now(45 min)

Xiaodi(45 min)

Snake in Home(45 min)

Capture Ghosts(45 min)

Shuang Jing(46 min)

The District Councillor(46 min)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Football(46 min)

Rock and Cliff :The Geological Surface of Horn Town(47 min)

Bi China(48 min)

Brave Father(48 min)

Post-screening talk: A Journey of The Drifters(48 min)

Nameless Soldiers(49 min)

The Son(49 min)

Wellspring(49 min)


The Yukou Paper(49 min)

Full of Death(51 min)

Mysterious Object At Noon(52 min)

The Hammer and Sickle are Sleeping(52 min)

My Life against Taiwan Sotokufu --1891-1931(54 min)

My Wedding Album(54 min)

Yuguo and His Mother(54 min)

Autumn, Winter and Summer(55 min)

Tuk Tuk Cinema(56 min)

The time to leave, the time to bye(57 min)

Anti-Japanese War Veteran(57 min)

Old Genealogy(57 min)

Gone East Outside ChaoBai(58 min)

Dialogue Inhibition(58 min)

First Vote(58 min)

We Are Here(58 min)

The Story of Lin Yin(58 min)

No Destination(58 min)

Bright Sun Mansion(58 min)

Aunt(59 min)

Seedlings Protection Rite(59 min)

Live Of Rotten Life(59 min)

Home School(59 min)

Post-screening talk: Belong To The Mountain(59 min)

60-90 minutes

My Name Is Bai Sanming(60 min)

Jin Han Yu(60 min)

Who is my lord(60 min)

Chaiqian (Demolition)(61 min)

The Two Shovels(61 min)

Bazaar Jumpers(61 min)

Down the Disruptor(61 min)

Lost Mountain(61 min)

Miners(62 min)

Awaken(63 min)

Mr.Tang(63 min)

Hi, Pan(63 min)

A Farewell To The River(64 min)

Yumen(64 min)

A Meal at Chen(64 min)

Chronicles of Hulling Rice(64 min)

Myanmar Bride: A story of A zhen, Ma Yong & Han’Ai(65 min)

Per Song(65 min)


Who Is Haoran(65 min)

Where Should I Go?(67 min)

Still Life(68 min)

The Other Side(68 min)

Mothers(68 min)

Nobody(68 min)

Fu-jia’s Home Movie(69 min)

The Ninth Grade(69 min)

The Family in Sinkhole(70 min)

Revolution Launderette(70 min)

Waiting For Love(70 min)

When Night Falls(71 min)

My Way(71 min)

China Gate(71 min)

Gurnai(72 min)

Girl in wheelchair(72 min)

Little feet(72 min)

The Silent Voyage(72 min)

All's Right with the World(72 min)

A Clear Sky(72 min)

Fish Story(72 min)

Man's World(72 min)

Foolish Village(73 min)

Way of Fortune(73 min)

Daxing is on fire(74 min)

The Suspended Step(74 min)

Koudelka(74 min)

I am Her(75 min)

Dream in Silence(75 min)

Pebble(75 min)

Returning Home(75 min)

Dialogue between Blue & Green(75 min)

Ninth Uncle(75 min)

In Character (Special Screening)(75 min)

Jia Yi(75 min)

Waiting For God(76 min)

The ShoeShiner's Journey(76 min)

Go Grandriders(76 min)

Learn to Reform(76 min)

Ma Xiaobing’s Summer(76 min)

Lone Existence(76 min)

People's Park(77 min)

The Starving Village(77 min)

Planting for Life(77 min)

Water Margin(77 min)

Outside(78 min)

Drifted In Life(78 min)

The Observer (78 min)

Mama Rainbow(78 min)

My way of farewell(78 min)

Bobby’s Factory(79 min)

A filmless festival(79 min)

Hip-Hop Storm(79 min)

Nostalgia(79 min)

Church Cinema(80 min)

Papa Rainbow(80 min)

All There Well Be(80 min)

Fangshan Church(80 min)

Ma Pi(80 min)


Trash Village(81 min)

Blang Doctor(81 min)

Miners, Groom, Pneumoconiosis(81 min)

Maguey(81 min)

Plastic China(82 min)

The Iron Ministry(82 min)

The The (82 minutes)(82 min)

A Film(82 min)

Chang’E(82 min)

Heidi in China(82 min)

Village Opera History(83 min)

The Blind Storytellers(83 min)

If It's Not Now Then When?(83 min)

Ancient Species(83 min)

Young Jigme(83 min)

Bridges Burned(83 min)

Old Veterans Never Die(83 min)

Divine Doctor(83 min)

Be a Woman(84 min)

Dragon Boat(84 min)

Orphan(84 min)

Interval(84 min)

Barbecue(84 min)

The Hog's Dice(85 min)

Chinese Closet(85 min)

Shattered(85 min)

LOVE Talk(85 min)

The Road(85 min)

The Blinding Sunlight(85 min)

The Fragile House(86 min)

Are We Really So Far From a Madhouse?(86 min)

Long day(86 min)

Chinese Backbone Doctors(86 min)

Daughter of Shanghai(87 min)

Children's Village (87 min)

Stranger's Street(87 min)

Factory Boy(87 min)

Flying Geese(87 min)

Huyang and Zhangdongcui(87 min)

My Grandmother(88 min)

Satiated Village(88 min)

Dopamine(89 min)

Golden Gate Girls (Bilingual Version)(89 min)

Golden Gate Girls(89 min)

Walk in the dark(89 min)

Things We Do When We Fall in Love(89 min)

Wild grass(89 min)

90-120 minutes

Men and Women(90 min)

Beyond the mountains(90 min)

The Temple(90 min)


Children at a Village School(90 min)

Wolf(90 min)

The Son of Mountain(91 min)

Inner Ear Inflammation(91 min)

Love Conquers All (91 min)

Eight Diagrams(91 min)

Music and Life(91 min)

Baby(91 min)

New World - Shinsekai no Yoake(92 min)

SO MUCH RICE (2020 Re-Edited Version)(92 min)

Flood(92 min)

Best Director(93 min)

Game Theory(93 min)

Umbrella(93 min)

Crossing the Border — Zhaoguan (Special Screening)(93 min)

Dancing in the Wind(93 min)

One Summer(93 min)

One Hundred and Fifty Years of Life(93 min)

The Road(93 min)

Old Men(94 min)

Timber Gang(94 min)

Survival Song(94 min)

Uncle Guo's Dreamworks(94 min)

Children in The Morning Light (95 min)

Lost in the mountain(95 min)

Wheat Harvest(95 min)

This Worldly life(95 min)

The Elephant and the Sea(96 min)

Havana Divas (96 min)

Around That Winter(96 min)

One Says No(96 min)

Wheat Passenger(97 min)

The Spokesperson(97 min)

RED WHITE(97 min)

E Huang Mountain(98 min)

Perfunctory Life (98 min)

Love Dog(98 min)

Village Diary (98 min)

Flower in the Pocket(98 min)

The Rocking Sky(98 min)

On the Road(98 min)

The Story of the Stone(98 min)

The Last Moose of Ao Lu Gu Ya(98 min)

Black Tide Coast(99 min)

The Bride(99 min)

In Expectation (Restored Version)(99 min)

Bachelor Mountain(99 min)

Before We Fall in Love Again(99 min)

TWENTY TWO(99 min)

Three Adventures of Brooke(100 min)

A Man in Trouble(100 min)

Stones can sing(100 min)

To Sing With the Ancestors(100 min)

Along the Railway(100 min)

Riverbed(100 min)

Turtle Rock (Special Screening)(100 min)

Revive(100 min)

The Ark(101 min)

The Only Sons(101 min)

Raised From Dust(101 min)

Taking Father Home(101 min)

Good Cats(102 min)

Wu Ding River(102 min)


Scar(102 min)

The River of Life(103 min)

The Cold Winter(103 min)

Rumination(103 min)

Transition-Space(103 min)

The Good Girl(104 min)

Call If You Need Me(104 min)

The Sound Of Silence(104 min)

Hu’An(105 min)

Talking unknown, ending unknown: Li Hongqi and his cinema world(105 min)

798 Station(105 min)

Burned Wings(105 min)

Lush Reeds(105 min)

A Young Patriot(106 min)

Fish Park(107 min)

Buried(107 min)

A Dog Barking at the Moon(107 min)

Fly With The Crane(108 min)

Oh, the San Xia(108 min)

Springtime in Wushan (Restored Version)(110 min)

The Other Half(110 min)

Religion(110 min)

Weave A Period Time(110 min)

Torch Troupe(110 min)


In Search of Echo(111 min)

Immortals in the Village(111 min)

New Castle(111 min)

Youth(111 min)

The Old Donkey(112 min)

Single woman(112 min)

South Street(113 min)

Pathway(113 min)

Keening Woman(114 min)

Dialogue(114 min)

Distant mountains,Roaring engines(114 min)

Ram(114 min)

The Garden(115 min)

According to China(115 min)

At the Time(115 min)

The Foolish Bird(117 min)

Bing’ai(118 min)

1428(118 min)

Uncle(119 min)

Ferry Chronicle - Zhou Family(119 min)

>120 minutes

South of South(122 min)

We Were SMART(125 min)

Gold Underground (125 min)

Free Fall(126 min)

Have A Good Night(126 min)

The Lovely Widow and Her Annoying Son(127 min)

Stratum 1: The Visitors(127 min)

Entropy(128 min)

Fortune Teller(129 min)

Under The Split Light(130 min)

Storm under the Sun (Chinese Version)(136 min)

Storm under the Sun (English Version)(136 min)

Gas(136 min)

Rooms With Mao's Images(138 min)

Before the Flood(143 min)

Falling From the Sky(144 min)

My Village 2020(148 min)

Look Love(148 min)

A Yangtze Landscape(156 min)

Observation (English Version)(157 min)

Preachers(162 min)

The The (166 minutes)(165 min)

Sanlidong(172 min)

KARAMAY (B)(173 min)

Observation (Mandarin Version)(174 min)

Bike and Old Electronic Piano(174 min)

KARAMAY (A)(183 min)

Classmates(203 min)

Silent Landscape(210 min)

Doctor Ma's Country Clinic(214 min)

Ferry Chronicle - He Family(234 min)

China The Arts – The People(269 min)

Exile Shanghai(281 min)

Report(480 min)

Shanghai Youth(510 min)

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