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FIRST 2020 "Old Guo DreamWorks"

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 30 Jul 2020

"Lao Guo Dream Factory" FIRST: "Lao Guo Dream Factory" uses the material field of the "art examination institution" as the narrative space, and Lao Guo runs the art examination institution as the narrative clue. View All

Not bad, but can be better

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 24 Jul 2020

I participated in the 2017 Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival and was also the opening film of the second Westlake International Documentary Conference. View All

Watching "Shangjiajia" only chews the value of "Three Sisters"

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 13 Jul 2020

"Shangjiajia" gives the impression that "there is a good sentence, no good chapter", and some paragraphs are wild and cracked, giving a real sensory experience. View All

Under the clouds, there is no county

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 12 Jul 2020

A very strange movie watching experience. Before and after, it was more general, and there was a better one in the middle, and the whole theater was laughing. View All

Remember to eat, remember to eat together

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 10 Jul 2020

Yang Xiao said that durian is not a suitable food for strangers to share. People who eat durian together need to have a closer relationship. "Durian Durian" tells a man that he is caught in a situation where he cannot find such a close opportunity. View All

Inze circle powder

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 08 Jul 2020

Completely circled! Nowadays, the movie market where bad movies and junk actors are flooding needs new blood too. Call for Yingze! View All

A snap

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 07 Jul 2020

Dare to fight against mainstream values, stick to your inner attachment and work hard for it, is it not a river of humor that teaches people praise? View All

What does a person exist for, and how does a person survive alone?

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 06 Jul 2020

After reading Sha Qing's "Being Alone", this question will be pondered in my mind. The beauty of this film is that you can immerse yourself in the author's spiritual world to experience the author's state of mind and tossing questions to yourself. View All

If you are alive and uncomfortable, pick up the camera

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 01 Jul 2020

As I walked, I thought, who would say that the west wind alone is cold, Xiao Xiao yellow leaves closed windows. It’s so lonely and dangerous to live. No explanation is needed for the waste wood life. Lonely on some people, sucked by the sucker forever. View All

Even hypocritical madness is just as scary

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 29 Jun 2020

This documentary has an excellent theme. The actors who were trained in a closed scene for the filming of cultural revolution themes, how to get crazy when they are away from the phone and the outside world. View All

What is your life score?

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 27 Jun 2020

Durians have always hated and loved people since ancient times. The loved ones are generally miserable as treasures. Those who hate it treat it as shit-like disgust, not to mention smell, and see the durian detour far away and run away. View All

Guide × Yang Xiao: Durian and Eros

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 26 Jun 2020

A rainy day and night: In the daytime, Zhang Xin, a self-sufficient middle-aged person, knew the girl's ability. Although they met for the first time, the two formed a high level of tacit understanding; , Trying to save the woman who has decided to... View All

Performing "into the drama"

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 25 Jun 2020

Undoubtedly, the most impressive part of the film is about the "criticism", but it also caused a lot of controversy. Although the film has not been screened on a large scale in the country, among the few viewers who have seen it, there are still many differences of opinion. View All

The existence value of "existence alone"

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 24 Jun 2020

Deleuze puts forward the connotation of the word "affect" in the context of film creation in "Film: Motion-Image": "The emotional motivation that occurs due to the perception of the outside world, and in the next step The actual relationship between the subject and the object is generated." View All

Who should occupy the moral castle?

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 22 Jun 2020

If I didn't watch "Red Emperor", I would continue to hold this view and stand at the commanding heights of morality to comfort myself. View All

Nanping bell is far away, freedom is unknown

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 21 Jun 2020

Our own LGBT movie can be given eight points overall, adding one star to social significance, and hope that this movie will be seen by more people. View All

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