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About Us

Despite the development of Chinese-language films in recent years, there are few opportunities for independent Chinese-language filmmakers to present their work to a global audience. Cathayplay plans to change this by building an easy to access movie platform.

Vision of CathayPlay is to provide excellent independent films, promoting Chinese independent films and enriching movie-watching options to our valuable customers.

The global film industry is often oriented by commercial investment. It causes such a result that there were few and few movie makers working on reflection and criticism of the social status and presenting the changes of contemporary society from multiple perspectives.

We advocate the spirit of independence, the creative people-oriented model, and diviation from the mainstream industry. We are inspired to explore more works of artistic value and reflecting the multiple sides of society. Cathayplay provides a platform, online and offline, of independent movies, which are still under a lot of restrictions nowadays, and present valuable works to global audience.

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