Gu Le Yang

Gu Le Yang

Gu Le Yang

Gu Le Yang
Young director, screenwriter, editor
Huizhou, Guangdong, China
Currently lives in Middlesbrough, UK
Film and TV Production Student, International School of Nanjing Media College
Film and TV Production, Teesside University, UK

Founded by Chinese students at Teesside University
One of the presidents of Cinema Society (Cinema Society)

Currently involved in more than 20 productions with a total budget of nearly one million, mostly as the main creator

Short film directorial debut "Black Mountain Sheep
--Best Director Award of Southern Micro Film Competition 2021
--Catalogued by CathayPlay, a Chinese language independent film broadcasting platform

Director and co-writer of the short film "Flower Season Blossoms
Collaboration with Nanjing Yingtian Film and Nanjing TV
--Best Children's Short Film" at the 16th Cyprus International Film Festival
--Best Narrative Short Film" at the 5th Prague International Film Festival
--Best Public Service Short Film, 3rd Hong Kong International Youth Film Festival

Writer/Director of the documentary "Ghost Town - Fireworks Under the City Walls
Won the second prize in the 9th National University Digital Art and Design Competition (Jiangsu Region)

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