By CATHAYPLAY, published on 18 Feb 2024

CathayPlay将其社区互动转移到豆瓣和Letterboxd,鼓励讨论并为活跃用户提供奖励。此举旨在扩大对华语独立电影的讨论,同时继续支持和庆祝社区的见解和贡献。 View More

What do we look at in anthropology?

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 16 Feb 2024

In 2024, CathayPlay introduced a new membership category: Anthropology Club, priced at $5.99/month, which allows access to all content under the anthropology page, as well as all CathayPlay's self-organized events and special joint screenings. View More


By CATHAYPLAY, published on 18 Dec 2023

CathayPlay庆祝其成立五周年,感谢23000名用户的支持。启动用户调查,参与者有机会赢取CathayPlay包包。截至2023年12月31日的活跃订阅用户将获得一个月免费会员礼券。 View More

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